Khao San Road – The Heart of Bangkok

If you are in Bangkok for a leisure trip or even a business trip, one place which you must visit is the Khao San Road.  Very popular among the tourists and locals alike, Khao San Road is the center of the backpacking universe for all the travelers who visit Bangkok. Every traveler who comes to Bangkok, converge here to shop, exchange their tales and prepare themselves physically and mentally for their next stint on the backpack trail.

Khao San Road

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Brief Overview

Khao San Road is a one kilometer long strip of road which has countless budget guest houses, mid- range guest houses and hotels, internet cafes, swanky bars, clubs and restaurants, massage parlors, travel agents, bookstores, markets, stalls, tattoo shops. The list of shops and stores doesn’t end here. The road has a variety of shopping places and one can have the best shopping experience here without any doubt. One can find a variety of things in one place which makes it even more convenient for the tourists.

Nightlife on Khao San Road

The carefree, anything-goes vibe is so unique, vivacious and infectious that not only the locals around the place but even the tourists, art students, and hipsters get attracted to Khao San Road. The main and surrounding areas of Khao San Road have a rich and varied night life for all those who dare to go that extra step to enjoy this beautiful place. There are different kinds of bars which cater to the needs of all kinds of people. If you love the loud music and blaring studio then you can find that or if you love a quiet bar which gives the feeling of solitude with your partner then you have options for that also.

Khao San Road

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Grandeur of Khao San Road

You will also find bars which have live band playing happy lively music which will make the customers start dancing or tapping their feet in excitement and happiness. The excitement and liveliness are so attractive that even those people who would have never danced in their lives cannot stop themselves from trying out a few steps of their own. Khao San Road is for those people who want to live life on their own terms. No it is not for hedonists who do not care for tomorrow. But it is for those people who want to enjoy their today. Understand the importance of the current moment and want to live life king size.

Hotel Ideas

Apart from the bars and restaurants on this road which will make you feel lively, the place also has a number of affordable hotels to suit any kind budgets. Hotels here have style and substance that makes it look different from a basic guesthouse.  You can choose from a variety of hotels and guest houses which make you feel at home away from home. After a long night on the streets of Khao San Road, all that you need is a room that is cozy enough for you to have a good long sleep to rejuvenate and refresh you to enjoy you’re your next day in Bangkok again.