Say no to drugs, Come to Wat Tham Karbok

Wat Tham Karbok is the famous temple in Thailand. It is one of the most religious places for Buddhist. This temple was established in the year 1957 as a monastery by a Buddhist. Later on, it has received the attention of the world as a place hosting the Hmong refugees. The most important factor of this temple that, sooner it was established as a place for rehabilitation program for drug addicts. In the year 1959, this rehabilitation program started in this famous Buddhist temple and people from all across the globe started following this place for all good reasons. The interior of the temple is very attractive. It’s a majestic temple in Thailand created with some excellent architects. Huge images of Lord Buddha can be found in the grounds of this temple. One can find the beautiful statue of two gigantic elephants supporting the globe at the entrance of the temple. This place gives peace to the pilgrims and at the same time tries all those drug addicts to give up all their bad habits and come back to the society with dignity and pride.

Say no to drugs

This beautiful place is not only a place for worshiping Lord Buddha, but also provides shelter to the refugees and guidance to the drug addicts to get recovered quickly. This program was started by the temple long back. Since then, lakhs of people who are addicted to heroin and opium have undergone the treatment to be cure. The temple had initiated a promgramme named Wat Tham Krabok detox programme for all those drug addicted people. They have healed using Thai traditional method and made all those people come back to normal life with self-respect.

Wat Tham Karbok

Place to alleviate

Wat Tham Krabok detox programme is one of the unique program that is being introduces by the temple. During this programme, the patient has to go under all traditional treatments. They have to do Buddhist Meditation and relax their body. The temple authorities use 100 different Thai herbs to prepare a unique herbal supplement for all those drug addicts. They provide the herbal supplements to reduce vomiting and make their body relaxed. This treatment is unique in this temple and they have not allowed the outsiders to know about this secret detoxification potion that is made up of 100 different and special herbs. These traditional Buddhist treatments help the patients to get cured gradually.

Wat Tham Karbok

Awards and reorganizations

Wat Tham Karbok is one of the globally recognized places for rehabilitation and providing treatment to all the drug addicts from all across the globe. Over 100,000 of people have visited this place in last three decades and helped themselves to get out of the jinx of heroin and opium. The rehabilitation programme program undertaken here is unique and now accepted by the world. Luang Por Chamrun Parnchand of Wat Tham Karbok had received the prestigious award of Ramon Magsaysay for their devotion and dedication towards the drug rehabilitation work to make a drug free society.

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