Silom Road in Bangkok

Silom Road is one of the most talked about and famous roads in Bangkok. It is also the sub-district in Bangkok and was constructed in the year 1851. Once you are in Bangkok, this road is a much visit as this particular road is a major financial centre with number of businesses operating here. The Silom Road has got the offices of some of the most renowned companies of Thailand including the grand office of Bangkok Bank PLC. The nightlife at this street also is great with lot of destinations for shopping, dining and partying. The street also has a very popular gay cruising area and is a hotspot for the gays of the city to meet and enjoy. There is a place called Soi 4 which is a home to numerous gay lounges and thus is a great place for the cruising of the gays of the region.

Places to hang out in Silom Road

The beautiful Mariaamman Temple is situated on the Silom Road and is a must see place if you have been to the street at any point of time. The Patpong Night Market which is also a major attraction of the street is also a great shopping destination. This market is believed to be one of the biggest pirated markets of Bangkok. The pirated DVDs are especially available in this market and witness a high sales graph.

Silom Road in Bangkok

Hotels in Silom Road

There is numerous luxury and deluxe hotels which are situated in the street and a great stay can be enjoyed in any of these hotels. Montein Hotel which is situated on this street is one of the best and classy hotels. The high profile visitors in the city always prefer this hotel for their luxurious stay out here. Siam Heritage Boutique Hotel is one of the best hotels on this street and is extremely famous for the services and ambience that it provides. Apart from the mentioned ones, there are also some very remarkable and deluxe hotels which are present out there like the Narai Hotel. If you are travelling along with your friends and is looking for a budget accommodation, then Lub d Bangkok Hostel is one of the best options to be opted for.

Silom Road in Bangkok

Pubs in Silom Road

You are indeed spoilt for choice when it comes to pubs at this famous street. There are specialised pubs for the men as well as for the gays. The pubs here are indeed very happening with a lot to eat and drink with great ambience and pleasant music.

Silom Road in Bangkok

Infrastructure and connectivity

The street is built in a great way and is very well connected with the other parts of the city. There are sky trains which are connecting the street with the other parts of the city in a major way. There is also MTR, an underground train system which is present in the Silom Road which will take you from this place to other interesting places of the city.

So, if you are in Bangkok, then visiting Silom Road once is a must without any second thought.