Explore the Thai style wedding

What makes weddings beautiful is the unique culture that goes behind it. Each region in this world has its specialty when it comes to weddings. In case of Thai style wedding that specialty is serenity and sophistication. Thai weddings are marked by the unique celebrations and rituals that are characteristic of the country. The entire wedding ceremony takes place in the morning whereas the night is reserved for the celebrations.

Explore the Thai style wedding

The morning of the wedding

In the morning of the wedding day in Thai style wedding, the monks, who have been invited by the bride and the groom for their wedding, are offered food by both of the bride and groom. The groom and the bride are supposed to jointly hold the pot and the ladle and serve the food in the monk’s bowl. As per this ritual, the bride’s hand is placed over the groom’s hand while he holds the ladle and serves the food. This act is believed to foster a sense of trust between the soon to be wed couple. Thereafter the bride’s family gets back to their house and waits for the groom and his family to come.

The groom’s procession

The groom’s procession is one of the most famous aspects of Thai style wedding. In Thai it is called Hae Khan Mark. This is when the groom, along with his family, relatives and friends and amidst a musical parade goes to the bride’s house. The song that plays in this procession is called Ram Wong Klong Yao. The groom usually sits on an elephant. His family and relatives carry gifts like flowers, candles, food, silver and gold jewelry as well as cash (in envelopes) to the bride’s house. The point of the groom’s procession is to pass through the doors, namely silver and golden gates. An elderly, from the groom’s side, poses as a matchmaker and walks in front of the procession.

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At the bride’s house

Once the Thai style wedding procession reaches the bride’s house, the groom’s way is blocked by golden and silver chains and he is asked the purpose of his coming there. This is when the matchmaker steps forward and gives the marriage proposal. Along with that he gives the cash filled envelopes. This acts as the fee for letting the groom in. This ritual is called passing the silver and golden gates. Once in, the gift trays are given to the bride’s family while the matchmaker talks to the bride’s parents and asks for the bride’s hand. In the meantime respect is paid to the ancestors and the holy spirits of the bride’s house.

Thai style wedding

The engagement ceremony

After the bride agrees to the marriage, trays filled with cash and jewelry is given to the bride’s parents. This is called bride price. Thereafter the bride and the groom exchange rings. They take the blessings of the elders. Thereafter the water pouring ceremony is held – known as the Rod Nam Sung – where holy water is poured on the bride and the groom’s hands from a conch shell. This concludes the entire ceremony of Thai style wedding.